Our Fee Schedule

Fees are payable at the time of consultation by cash, credit card or EFTPOS.  If you are experiencing financial hardship, or will find it difficult to make payment, please discuss this with the Practice Manager prior to your consultation with the doctor.  Receptionists cannot make decisions on behalf of doctors in relation to fees.

This is a summary of our standard fees, effective from 04/03/2019. (Medicare rebates increased effective 1st July 2019)


Where procedures are involved, there are additional costs, which your doctor will discuss with you at the time of consultation.

Single Item Consultation (time less than 6 minutes)

Item 3 (Level A) $40.00
Medicare Rebate $17.50, Gap $22.50

Standard Consultation (time 6 to 19 minutes)

Item 23 (Level B) $85.00
Medicare Rebate $38.20, Gap $46.80

Long or Complex Consultation (time 20 to 39 minutes)

Item 36 (Level C) $135.00
Medicare Rebate $73.95, Gap $61.05

Prolonged Consultation (time more than 40 minutes)

Item 44 (Level D) $175.00
Medicare Rebate $108.85, Gap $66.15

Saturday appointments will have $5 added to the above fees. Bulk Billing is not available on Saturdays. Full fees apply to all patients, including concession card holders and children.


Our doctors will generally accept a reduced payment by bulk billing local residents who hold a concession or pension card and children under the age of 18, providing a Medicare Card is held. This is not guaranteed, and should be discussed at the time of the consultation. 

Please note that a Seniors Card is not a concessional card, and does not guarantee bulk billing.

Work Cover

Patients wishing to have work injury visits charged to a third party must provide a written authority or proof of claim.   i.e. Work Cover claim number, or a letter from your employer.

Successive governments have failed to regularly increase Medicare rebates.  This means that rebates have not kept pace with the cost of living, and have never covered the true cost to practices of delivering quality medical care.  To ensure we can continue to provide you with quality healthcare, and cover our operational costs, we are required to set fees at this level, and reduce the amount of bulk billing we have traditionally offered to our patients.  Thank you for your understanding.