Booking Appointments Online

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Technology, accessibility and convenience tend to go hand in hand, we used to spend hours doing errands that technology now allows you to do from the comfort of your own home.

Technology allows you to do online banking, online shopping and you can even book flights, restaurants and hotels online. Thanks to the world of digitalization. Why not book your doctors appointments the same way?

Benefits of Booking Appointments Online

No need to wait for reception hours

Have you ever woken up to a child who is unwell in the middle of the night and felt like you needed to see a doctor in the morning? Well, no need to wait until the practice is open to book your appointment, you can use your phone or computer and book then and there.

Fast, Convenient and Easy

No need to physically scout all the available appointments in your local area. Let your fingers do the walking for you and book on the go. Whether you're at home, in transit or at your office, you have the luxury of selecting from a range of appointments and deciding what doctor to see as well as the day and time best for you.

No waiting on the phone

Reception is a busy job that sometimes leads to placing people on hold. Free up your time and theirs and book online instead.

How Do I Book Online?

We have made it easier for you to book online!

Peregian Family Medical is now using the HotDoc App, a new way to book medical appointments online. It's simple, convenient to use, and saves you time. All you have to do is download the app and you can start booking appointments using your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone!

Benefits of using HotDoc:

  • You can find, select, and book your doctor easily

  • You can choose a day and time that suits you best

  • You can instantly see the availability of doctors

  • You can get SMS, Email and Push Notifications for appointments

  • You can check your place in the queue once you arrive in the clinic

  • You can save your favourite clinic for future appointments

Booking is Very Simple:

  1. Simply open the HotDoc App

  2. Select your preferred doctor - you can choose from our Team of Regular Practitioners

  3. Select the reason for seeing your Doctor from the options provided

  4. Choose your preferred day/time - you can check available times, review your appointment details and if everything's ok, select request appointment

  5. Congratulations! - if it's a success, you will see an Appointment Confirmed notification with an email confirmation.

Creating an Account with Us

You can also create an account with us through the HotDoc app on your phone, via our website ( or via the HotDoc website.

  1. Create account.

  2. Enter your email address and your preferred password.

  3. Confirm your password.

  4. Agree to the terms and conditions – Select Continue.

  5. Fill in required fields - enter your first name, surname, DOB, and mobile number for verification. Make sure that the details you provide match with our records if you are already an existing patient.

  6. Verification - send SMS & Enter the code to verify your mobile number.

Managing Your Account in HotDoc

If you have existing appointments with us made through HotDoc you can manage them. You can also add family members and book appointments on their behalf. You can add up to five additional family members within your account.

How to Cancel an Appointment:

  1. Sign into your HotDoc account

  2. Go to My Account

  3. Click Appointments

  4. Select the appointment you wish to cancel

  5. Select cancel.

If you have problems booking online, please don’t hesitate to contact us . We are happy to assist you.