What Is a Recall?

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What is a recall?

Recalling a patient is an essential part of the healthcare system, a recall could be issued for a number of reasons and is an indication that your General Practitioner (GP) does require your attendance in a follow-up appointment. Your GP will determine if you require a recall by reviewing your medical history, results and any new information to help determine if it is considered significant to your health care.

Our doctors want the best for you, this includes not only treating current conditions but also implementing preventative care. We understand that you live a busy life and it’s easy to forget important health checks throughout the year. To ensure your family receives the best possible health care, our practice utilises state reminder systems such as Breastscreen Queensland, Australian Childhood Immunisation Register and Queensland Cervical Screening Program.

Why Am I Receiving a Recall?

There are a number of reasons your GP may recall you, some of these include:

  • Test results

  • You may require further testing

  • Reminders for a procedure

  • Routine health check

  • Immunisations

Your GP Has a Duty of Care

Your General Practitioner has a legal and moral obligation to provide the best possible care they can to patients. Part of this duty of care is sending reminders and follow-ups where required to ensure continuing and preventative measures are in place.

How Will I Receive a Recall?

If you are issued with a recall you may receive a phone call, SMS or a letter to your postal address, you will then have the ability to make your appointment over the phone, in person or using our online booking system.

If you are waiting for results and haven’t received a recall, you are still able to phone the clinic and follow them up, you will then know for sure whether they require any further action.

Receptionists and Recalls

You can contact our reception staff after 2pm for your results, they can advise if your pathology or radiology results are normal or if further action is required.

If you wish to discuss your results on any level beyond this advice of 'normal', then you will be required to make an appointment with your GP.

Tests results or requests from doctors to make a follow-up appointment may be advised by the receptionist or nursing staff at the doctor’s discretion. Unless the GP has advised them to tell you your results you will need to make an appointment to see your doctor.

Why is it essential to come in for a recall?

If you are issued with a recall it is essential that you book an appointment at your earliest convenience, this allows the doctor to:

  • Discuss the issue and treatment plan with you

  • Treat you in the quickest and most efficient way

  • Conduct further testing

  • Discuss preventative care

If you receive a recall, it is necessary that you book a follow-up appointment with your GP. The doctor needs to see you for a reason whether that be test results, preventative care or a reminder for an appointment.

At Peregian Family Medical Centre we strive to provide our patients with the best possible care. To make an appointment phone us on (07) 5471 2100 or book an appointment online.